Scarborough beachfront

Visiting Anne Bronte in Scarborough

Apologies in advance, but today’s will be a very short post, if indeed it can be called that at all.

I’m on holiday this weekend; I’ve travelled to Anne Bronte’s beloved Scarborough on Yorkshire’s east coast. Of course, one of the first things I did was visit Anne’s grave in the shadow of Scarborough Castle. I’m pleased to say that while we sat there, there were plenty of visitors to see Anne. She remains ever popular with fans from far and wide.

A sprig of moorland heather has been placed on Anne’s grave – possibly from Haworth?
A familiar name by this Scarborough house
A feathered visitor. In the background you can see the Grand Hotel. It marks the spot on which Anne Bronte spent her final hours.

I hope to see you next Sunday when normal Bronte blog service will be resumed.


5 thoughts on “Visiting Anne Bronte in Scarborough”

  1. How absolutely stunning! I can see why Anne was enamored with Scarborough. Some people dream to visit these vistas, others like Anne get to live it and breathe it. How lucky they are.

  2. Such a beautiful spot. I dearly hope to visit one day. When travel becomes more normal, I will start making plans.

  3. I am hugely enjoying your biography of Anne, and can claim a slight connection. Anne’s employer Lydia Robinson (nee Gisborne) is an ancestor of mine. 1st cousin, five times removed, if that makes sense. I am directly descended from her uncle John Gisborne.
    A fascinating tale, which you tell superbly. Many thanks for it.

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