National Poetry Day And The Brontës

Today’s new Brontë blog post is light on my words but heavy on those all important Brontë words, apologies in advance, although that may well be a good thing! The reason for this somewhat truncated post is that I’m back in my beloved Haworth for the weekend, sans laptop, but the good news is that I’m finally about to visit the Anne Brontë 200 exhibition at the Brontë Parsonage Museum, and I’ll bring you a full report on that next week.

Friday of this week was National Poetry Day, so here are some of my favourite poems by the Brontës, along with some pictures I’ve taken in a rather rainy and wuthering Haworth this week.

Perhaps the most famous Bronte poem of them all

Branwell Northangerland
Branwell wrote poetry under a Northangerland pseudonym

Anne Bronte’s poignant yearning for her Haworth home

Linnet poem Emily Bronte
The Linnet In The Rocky Dells by Emily Bronte

Life by Charlotte Bronte


This week in 1842 saw William Weightman’s funeral service, so it’s fitting to close with one of Anne’s eulogies to him.







Normal service will be resumed in next week’s blog, so until then stay healthy and happy and don’t forget to stock up on good books before the next lockdown arrives.

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